About me and my family

ash-and-amandaIsle of Whithorn artist and author Amanda Sunderland has launched a children’s story based on her own little dog, Me! I’m a dachsund called Ash and I live with Amanda in the beautiful Machars of South-West Scotland.

Amanda used to visit her Grandparents here on the Isle of Whithorn as a child and she loved it so much that when she grew up she  moved here and set up her studio where she paints amazing paintings as well as drawings of cute, wee dogs like me!

The idea to make me the star of the book came about after discussions with friends and now my tales and adventures have been brought to life.

As an artist as well as an author, Amanda had previously done sketches and little cartoons of me, but they had not gone any further. The idea came to create children’s colouring books with the me going on adventures. This was at Easter time, and a small postcard with Wee McAsh on the front was put in to shops as a “prototype”. Three months on, I’m now appearing in my own adventure.

I do hope you’ll join me, we’ll have such fun!

Wee McAsh