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I hope you'll come on my adventures with me.

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I'm a little dachshund dog called Wee McAsh who lives by the sea in Scotland.

Follow me on my adventures! Woof!

Wee McAsh to the Rescue

Read my first adventure – a delightful children’s rhyming story all about me.

I am busy writing my second adventure which will be  available soon!!


A magical debut book from a wee corner of Scotland that will enchant young children and the adult reader … the illustrations go far beyond the words and will encourage the child to find new things every time.

Ian Thomas

Brilliant, loved the pictures, especially the unwritten story observable in the expressions of the characters, delightful to read to preschoolers, they will love the pictures, and remember the poem story, and we will all be waiting for more.

Helen Francis

A really beautiful book. The illustrations are wonderful and the story catches a young child’s imagination. I hope this is the first of many tales about Wee McAsh!
Irene Matier

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